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Personal profiles are being updated now, strikers and forwards are done, we will be adding stats for defenders and goal keepers soon, so please remember to score the match using the scoring facility, if you dont know what it is, Ask charlie or mark wood, this will get your kids stats building.


We have been approached by Scouts from Everton and other clubs wanting access to the stats on players, this has already given one lad a shot at making it, so please update your fixture scoring stats. if you dont know how. ask.


We have now added a search facility at the top, where you can find members fixtures and teams. simply start typing and it will try to find what you are looking for

15/09/2017 :

We have added a search box in FIXTURES, so you can filter eg if a referee needs to print his or her fixtures simply search for their name in quotes and print,or if you want to print out all your fixtures simply put in your team name IN QUOTES and print or export.

I will be adding this functionality throughout the system to ensure you can get the information you want

Thanks Ben

Some good points made By Noel Dunleavy. have a read in the FAQ section

There have been a few errors, We apologise, as we are getting these errors fixed, as they appear.

Please view this page for quick Help and more online help will come as we add them.CLICK HERE FOR EDITING USERS.

A lot of people had a go at doing the fixture scoring, Well done. Once you get over the fear factor of doing something wrong and are shown you will see it is quite easy.

I urge you to find a youngster on your team who wants to contribute and let them do it, they will work it out easier.

I will add a fixtures your marking section in the nav so if you get lost when marking you can get back to it. But all you have to do is go to fixtures. Navigate to your Division and click view fixture.

Fixture Results

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Wallasey JFL / 1871

Central Park 4/5, Wallasey

Wallasey Wanderers AC U12
Wallasey Wanderers JFC
1st half ( 0 Mins E/T )
Ashville FC U12
Ashville FC

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